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This is me

I am an ecologist based at the Fynbos Node of the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON), in Cape Town.

I created this (personal) site because it's handy to be able to serve webpages for various applications and I got sick of having RPubs webpages floating all over the place.

I'm also considering using it as an Open Lab Book in the interests of supporting Open Notebook Science. There are many motivations for doing this, but primarily I believe that science should be fully transparent and repeatable. This is especially true for science that pertains to issues that affect human well-being. This is an audacious goal, and I imagine will require a fair amount of discipline and dedication, so we'll see how well I do…

Last, but not least, I hope that this site will help me communicate my science and what I do to a broader (including non-scientific) audience. With that in mind, I hope to keep the writing as non-technical as possible (other than the R tutorials - sorry), but please forgive me if I fail dismally! Note that I include R code where relevant for those interested (mostly my students), but if you're not interested in the code you can just ignore the code chunks and focus on the text and figures. I may just slip some nons(ci)ense in every here and there too…

More on my research here.

Jasper Slingsby Written by:

An ecologist working on global change in terrestrial ecosystems.

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